Burial and Cremation jobs

Burial and Cremation

Burial and cremation jobs are skilled, demanding, and require a sympathetic and understanding approach to the bereaved. Burial and cremation work demands attention to the smallest detail; and the ability to soften the harsh realities of death with care and support.

Many burial and cremation services are run as family businesses, or by larger county-wide or national organisations. Burial and cremation posts are often viewed as a vocation, rather than a job, requiring special qualities. Burial and cremation staff require a variety of skills, and a genuine desire to help, guide and assist bereaved individuals and families. Burial and cremation careers are not an easy career option but can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding one.

Burial and cremation work demands a range of skills to perform tasks both directly and indirectly associated with the main function of the business. There are different roles to be played in burial and cremation work; receptionist, secretary, account administrator, but many people start off as a funeral services operator.  There are opportunities to work in burial and cremation as an Embalmer/Carer for the Deceased, Driver/Coffin Bearer, Coffin Fitter, Bereavement Counsellor/After Care Service Provider, and eventually, through training and experience to Branch/Regional Manager or Funeral Director.

As a Funeral Director in charge of burial and cremation, you have responsibility for delivering a burial and cremation at an emotionally charged time for most people. Each burial and cremation ceremony requires the ability to deal with a variety of people - the recently bereaved, members of the medical profession, burial and cremation personnel, and ministers of all faiths. Your burial and cremation responsibilities can include arranging transfer of a body to the place of burial and cremation, arranging details of the funeral with relatives or friends, and arranging the date and time of the funeral with the church, cemetery or crematorium. Burial and cremation usually involves organising flowers, transport, and death notices, assisting clients to complete legal paperwork, preparing a body for burial or cremation and ensuring that everything runs smoothly during the ceremony.

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